Sarehole Mill
When four teenagers find a blind girl lost in the woods near their home, naturally they offer to help. But Aealdra is not all she seems – she’s an elf. Soon the four friends and their new acquaintance are fleeing through ancient tunnels as dark forces gather against them. But who are their pursuers, and why is Aealdra so precious?


“We who of the earth are born will lead you through the healing storm,
It’s time to follow the path of the ancient ones!”

Every location is based on a real place. The pool in the woods (Ch. 1), and the culvert (Ch. 1 & 6), are located at Moseley Bog, B’ham. The school (Ch. 3, 4 & 9), with its striking Gothic tower, is the nearby Moseley School.
Glastonbury Tor (Ch. 7), of course, is real, as is the Chalice Well (Ch. 8). Sarehole Mill (Ch. 4 & 10) is situated close to Moseley Bog. The Craft Fayre in the mill field is based on its annual Middle-earth Weekend.
The canal tunnels at the Black Country Museum inspired the underground elf-rivers (Ch. 4 & 8), while City Hospital, B’ham (Ch. 5), is purely generic. Henderson Inlet, Washington State (Ch. 10), is a real place, with real elves.